Jennifer Vaughn : Playboy CGOM December 2012

Some Facts

Birthplace : Houston, TX
Birthday : August 17, 1983
Bust: 32D
Waist: 24
Hips: 34
Height: 5'7"

Weight: 110 lbs 

She started intentionally because She entered a bikini contest for Venus Swimwear and won 1st place for the Texas region. They flew her to Florida and she shot her first catalogue with them. Jennifer Vaughn : Playboy CGOM December 2012 See her exclusive nude pics Only on Rock Your Cock!
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Sandra Bullock Nude Galleries

In 1964, Sandra Bullock was born in a Virginia suburb of Washington, DC. This Hot little cougar is sexy as a cold-fish!
Measurements: 34B-24-34

Sandra Bullock is a wonderfully beloved American award-winning actress and producer who has starred in an array of blockbuster movies including: The Blind Side, Crash, Miss Congeniality, While You Were Sleeping, and Speed. From 2005-2010 she was married to television personality and motorcyclist enthusiast Jesse James.
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Cunnilingus 101: Ten Tips to Make Her Orgasm (NSFW)

Cunnilingus: it's the breakfast of champions. It changes your sexual experiences from dull to fun in under 30 minutes. And if you're doing it right, it'll lead to the deepest, loveliest orgasms. Without ado, Rachel Colias reports on how to make your magical cunnilingus sessions even more mind-blowingly good! Have you seen our cunnilingus 201 article yet to add g-spot stimulation to cunnilingus?

Disclaimer: This isn't just about orgasms. Orgasms aren't the be-all and end-all of fabulous sexual experiences. Some people find it difficult to have orgasms, and there are those who can't at all. You might be dealing with other emotional barriers. (Try mental orgasms, though.) Our recommendation for those couples is to not blame themselves. Not orgasming is totally fine, too. If you have a rough patch, do consider visiting a therapist (our top therapist recommendations). However, if you're in a good emotional state and your partner usually orgasms, these tips will definitely work. 

* * *

You’ve seen our tips on what not to do during a blowjob and even more things not to do mid-blowjob. But how do you please those lovely female-bodied people? We here at GetLusty for Couples are huge fans of vagina's, vulvas, labias, the clitoris and beyond. Whether you’ve been kissing coochies for years or are excitedly awaiting your first opportunity, here are a few helpful tips on what quite a lot of vaginas love!

Get accustomed to the anatomy

First off, you should be familiar with the vagina. You need the floorplans, so to speak. I mean, how do you know how to work anything without the manual? So let’s review. The most basic thing to remember is that people grow hair down there; some choose to remove it, some don’t. Either way, do not go into the act expecting one thing, and then acting disappointed when you get another. Any sort of negative feelings or attitudes doesn’t exactly put someone in the mood. Plus, it’s just downright rude. Work with what you have!

What you can see externally of the vagina is called the vulva. It consists of the labia majora, labia minora, the clitoral hood, the clitoris (soon-to-be star of the article), the urethra, vaginal opening, perineum, and the anus. The picture to the right should help with any confusion concerning where these different parts are located. 

Now that we understand where everything is, let’s get down to business! A helpful hint before we start, though: the clitoris is a bundle of amazingly sensitive glans and contains around 8,000 sensory nerve fibers. Need a little perspective? That’s nearly twice as many as the tip of a penis contains. You’re going to want to pay attention to this. 

After a bit of research, and even more personal experience, I’ve compiled a list of tips on how to show a vagina a great time. Remember, not every tip listed is universal. Always ask your partner if they’d like something before doing it and stop when asked. Without ado, our top 10 tips:

#1 Learn about their sensitivity

Be aware of sensitivity. Every clitoris is different (size, shape, color, etc), which means not every person is going to enjoy the same amount of pressure placed on their clitoris by your tongue. So my first tip would be to listen to your partner so you can better understand how to pleasure them. Too much pressure on a sensitive clitoris hurts!

#2 Be patient

It may take a few minutes, or more, to figure out exactly where and how a person is going to like having your tongue. But don’t give up! Nothing kills a mood better than a quitter.

#3 Use your hands

Don’t be afraid to use the hands. Just because you’re working some tongue magic doesn’t mean your fingers can’t help out. While it is more common for a person to orgasm from clitoral stimulation, coupling the waves of pleasure with some penetration or external massaging can really feel great!

#4 How's things going up there?

Pay attention to their body signals. If they start breathing faster or gripping something harder, you’re probably doing something right. If they’re screaming “Don’t stop!” you’re definitely doing something right. Now that you have found that perfect spot, don’t change a thing! A moan does not mean “Quick! Do something different and crazy with your tongue!” It means “Stay. Right. There.”

#5 Gently suck and nibble

Gentle sucking or nibbling of the clitoris or labia can feel great! Start as gently as possible at first, gradually increasing the strength. Starting off too hard when your partner hasn't been revved up can be a little surprising.

#6 Remember the vulva

Foreplay the vulva. This is all about foreplay, so don't rush. Not everyone likes an immediate focus on the clitoris. To get the juices really flowing, try focusing your tongue and mouth on the thighs, labia, vaginal opening. You can even gently massage their vulva while kissing around the entire area (or their entire body).

#7 Intensify the orgasm

If you get really good at reading a person’s body signals, try stopping right before the person is about to come and then starting back up again when the orgasm recedes. Building it up over and over again makes for a much more intense orgasm, and who doesn’t like a tease?

#8 Tell her she's sexy

Making sure the person knows you just love how they taste or smell is always super sexy and a great confidence boost! That kind of confidence can also really relax a person and allow them to get into it without thinking about anything other than the pleasure.

#9 Let her guide you
Let the person you’re pleasuring guide you. Ask them, "Should I go faster or slower? Am I in the right place?" Tell them you'd love some guidance on how to best bring them pleasure. They've had the vagina longer than you’ve had your face down there, so trust them to know what's pleasurable.

#10 Continue to lick after she's cum

If their clitoris isn’t too sensitive, keep licking after they’ve come. You never know how many orgasms they can have until you try! They might still be squirming, so ensure you're not going too hard. Even after a few seconds, it still feels amazing and may prolong the intensity of the orgasm.


Try different positions! Your partner could sit on your face, lick them while they're standing, or 69 (or 69 more pleasurably). Try cunnilingus from various positions and ask throughout what they enjoyed about those positions. If in doubt, always ask! Communication is sexy and highly erotic (your brain is your biggest sex organ). They may not orgasm from these positions, but it will sure be fun!

Is there something you or your partner especially likes that you just need to tell everyone? Spill your cunnilingus secrets in the comment section below! 

This article was written by Rachel Colias. She’s currently getting her bachelors in English and Women’s and Gender studies and feels especially passionate about advocating for the importance of consent and communication. 

Her hobbies include shopping for new vibrators playing roller derby, and getting tattoos her mom doesn’t approve of. When she’s not writing for GetLusty or doing homework, she’s playing with her bearded dragon Terrance and you can generally find her reading comic books with her loving boyfriend of six years or eating pizza and watching Netflix. You can find and follow her Tumblr blog here! Also e-mail her at
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9 Sexy Pics from Tumblr Today (NSFW)

We love Tumblr. We're tumbling more lately on GetLusty's Tumblr page. Our favorite pictures of the day. After reviewing our Tumblr feed, we saw some pretty lovely pictures. Erotic, hot and sexy. So we thought in true GetLusty for Couples fashion--we'd share!

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