Camille Crimson's Top 5 Ways to Lovingly Finish a Blowjob (NSFW)

At GetLusty for Couples, we love a good blowjob. And what better time to talk about ideas on giving amazing head than right now? Tis' the season to give and receive. Yes, there are thousands of variables on giving a blowjob. Today, however, our favorite blowjob connoisseur Camille Crimson is here to help us with ideas for how to finish a blowjob (think: ejaculation).

Swallowing, spitting, facial. How do you finish off your man? Camille Crimson covers 5 ways to enjoy your man's cum. You don't know about Camille? Well, she's been running and for some time now--specializing in sensual, beautiful and erotic blowjobs. Needless to say, Camille knows her way around blowjobs! Want ideas on how to finish of a blowjob lovingly? Read on!

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People often come to me wondering if there's any surefire way to finish off a blowjob to really drive their partner up the wall with orgasmic intensity. I can't say there's only one, but I wanted to enumerate a few options here that you can try out and then see which one works best. This is the kind of scientific experimentation I'm sure you can both enjoy. But it's up to you if you want to wear lab coats and goggles!

#1 Swallowing

Tried, tested, and true. His penis is already in your mouth, so why rock the boat? For a lot of guys, this feels pretty amazing, especially if you continue with some degree of sucking or licking through his orgasm. Sometimes swallowing can be a little tricky, but you can usually make this much easier on yourself by positioning his penis further back towards/in your throat. Less taste and texture and it goes straight down. Of course, there are ways for him to improve the taste of his semen, as GetLusty has written before.

#2 Breasts

There are a lot of guys out there who really love breasts, and why wouldn't they? They're soft, pillowy and fun to play with. They're also a perfect target for a beautiful cumshot, all artfully splattered with the results of an amazing orgasm. You can do this several ways. Two of my favourites are either to just pull him out of your mouth at the last second to let him come all over your breasts and neck or to actually give him a titjob, which can include some sucking or licking if you can make connection with the head. Either way ends up being visually stunning and really erotic.

#3 Face

The facial is sometimes seen as a contentious issue, but I just see it as another way to enjoy the end of a blowjob. It can be a fun power dynamic exchange, but it can also just be a straightforward enjoyment of his orgasm close up. Cum is cum, no matter where it lands. You can take turns aiming, but certainly ask him to aim away from your eyes if you're planning on keeping them open. Aiming towards the chin and mouth is usually a safe bet, but you never know how intense some orgasms can be. Closing your eyes isn't the worst thing for the first couple of times while you familiarize yourself with the way he comes.

#4 Your hands, his body

If you're a little more squeamish about cum, you can definitely suck him and then stroke him for the last few pumps. Depending on how you're situated, this might end up with cum mostly on him or on you. It can actually be really sexy to continue stroking after, rubbing it into your skin and letting it slowly absorb. It's a great way to play with cum without having it in your mouth and it's also very sexy for teasing him as he softens.

#5 Elsewhere on your body

If your partner likes a specific part of your body, you can always segue the end of a blowjob to that part of your body. Whether it's your back, your feet, into your hands. It doesn't matter. Just make sure that you can manoeuvre quickly without getting too awkward and you'll end with a seamless transition to a beautiful ode to a beloved part of your body.

Of course, the joy is the ride, but the orgasm is certainly wonderful too and this should give you lots of ideas for ways to enjoy it to the fullest!

Camille Crimson specializes in sexuality, feminism, oral sex, and creating and marketing beautiful porn. Her websites The Art of the Blowjob and Slow Motion Blowjob are full of exquisite photo and video shoots that showcase "the subversive yet natural subject we all love: sex". On top of being a versatile business woman, Camille plays guitar, loves horror movies, and has recently gotten into motorcycles. Follow Camille on Twitter @CamilleCrimson and on Facebook.
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