Hot Sex With Tech Park Girl Rose

It was about 10 years back. When the software park was established in

the city, I was among first applicants and got a job with a newly

established software company. Daily new recruits were being taken,

many girls were coming. I was at the reception to meet the girls as

soon as their interview is over. I used to ask them their name, where

they stayed, etc.

Most of the girls were new to the place and were yet to fix their

places of stay. Many came with their father or brother who went around

to fix a place of residence for the girl. Many who came alone required

help from good samaritans like me. I took them to a ladies hostel and

arranged to put them in their guest house on daily rentals.

One girl was ready to come with me in an autorikshaw in search of a

working women's hostel. She was Rose, 22, very good features and

beautiful girl and did not mind occasional touching of her body. In an

auto while going at a medium speed, you cannot help touching the body

of the copassenger. More so when the copassenger is a bautiful girl. I

told Rose that I have a flat all to myself.

If you dont mind you can stay there for a couple of days when you go

on searching for a hostel. Rose was a sportive girl. She said what to

do if nothing is found I will come to your flat. Finally we went to my

flat with two bedrooms. Rooms are furnished with attached bathrooms.

But for food we have to go to a nearby hotel. Rose said this is ok.

But an electric cooker, we will make tea and buy some bread, I will

make sandwiches. Food problem is solved. OK, I said, we both went to

the nearby department store, bought an induction cooker, some vessels,

cutlery, bread, tea leaves, sugar, eggs etc..Rose freshened herself,

changed into a nighty and got busy in the kitchen made tea and


I went out and bought some cheese, butter, jam etc. It was a great

food. I praised her for her ready solution to the food problem. She

gave a broad smile. I went on praising her beauty, I called her to

come closer, she came. I just hugged her and planted a kiss on her

cheeks. I told her it is a kiss of gratitude. She was very much


She gave me a kiss, hugging and told me tht this is also a kiss of

gratitude for allowing her to stay in my flat. We both laughed out

loudly. Her hug prolonged. I planted my kiss again on her cheeks and

my lips were searching for her lips. It all happened spontaneously. I

had a glorious erection which pressed her body and my hand went

automatically to her boob while lips were locked.

Rose was very responsive and we remained like that for about 15

minutes. I was wondering how lucky I was. I came to this company on a

fat salary. They gave me a good flat for occupation. Within a few days

I get introduced to this girl. Just by accident she becomes my flat

mate. Within an hour here we are lip locked. Rose looked very

beautiful and resorceful. Time was 7 pm.

We had tea and much more to do. She asked me to buy provisions also so

that she will cook all food. I said let us have a wash and then we

will go out and have some supper and buy whatever is possible. I went

to my bath room and Rose went to the other bathroom and closed the

door. I just had a wash and changed into casuals and came.

Rose also changed into some casuals and we both set out. Rose told me

that her parents were abroad and she stayed with her grandmother in

the capital. She wanted to go for PG but her grandmother wanted her to

get married. Her parents wanted her to come over there. But she wanted

to have an independent life and that is why she chose to get employed.

I narrated my story, my name Raju, 24, did MBA and got into the

company about to be set up. I told her about my family background etc.

We ate our food and came back. I said I have to buy a car, because it

is difficult to move around without a car. Rose asked will they put

some more people in the flat. I said this flat is exclusively for me

and they cannot send any more people.

Ok, I was wondering whether I can bring one of my friends home, she

said. I told her we will think of it later. We had our supper. Rose

sitting opposite to me. I just watched her. She was stunningly

beautiful. She knew my close observation. She just smiled and asked

what I was thinking about. I replied some humour and sh e laughed

loudly and then we took food and went to the market.

We bought some provisions, some vessels etc and came back to the room.

She said she will cook all food and there is no necessity to go to a

hotel anymore. As soon as we entered the flat, we bolted the door.

Rose was busy in the kitchen arranging things and I went to the

bedroom and saw that her bed has sheets and pillows etc. and then came

backt to my bed room.

My laptop was on the table with the dongle plugged in. I was just

browsing when Rose came in. She was in a tiny mini short and a single

undershirt. Bold girl. She came and sat near me in my bed and was

watching the monitor. Besides her mild perfume, there was a female

smell about her. She was looking around and took stock of my room.

Her minishort was too short that it showed the entire thighs and her

ass. Her undershirt also cocealed very little. They had provided

double beds in both the rooms. She took liberty and stretched herself

in my bed. I took the laptop and sat near her in the bed. I logged in

a mild porno site. Rose saw and she too was interested in watching. I

moved over to a regular porno site.

where there is plenty of action is taking place. Rose suddenly got up

and kept watching. I was in my boxer and banian. The scenes in the

monitor was very hot. I could see change in the color in her face. The

bulge in my boxer was getting prominent. We changed our posture. From

sitting posture we lied down in the bed on our abdomen. I noticed a

nice elevation of her ass is very beautiful.

Playfully I placed my hand on her back. I noticed she did not wear a

bra. She moved closer and supported her chin on my shoulder. Her boob

was pressing on my forearm. A fucking scene was shown in the monitor.

Rose was taking deep breaths and coming closer. I just hugged her. Her

hand went in serrch of my bulge. She unbuttoned my boxer and took hold

my dick.

It was in semi erect condition and she looked at it closely. I just

pulled her undershirt up and got it removed. Her two melons golden

coloured were beautiful and her nipples were already erect. I

unbuttoned her minishort and pulled it down. Her pussy, clean shaven,

gave a virgin look. Her well shaped navel was beautiful. I too removed

my banian and we both were totally nude.

Rose holding my dick firmly in her hand. It was very erect and Rose

was watching the emergence of the precum drop at the tip of the cock.

I asked her "Are you a virgin?" She looked at my face and said "No, my

cousins have taken care of it" Her casual mention amused me. She then

said that she had two cousins in the house of her grandmother.

Though both are younger to her, they dominated her very much. As soon

as grandma goes to bed one by one these cousins raided her room and

did all sort of mischief. They will take away her laptop and watch

porn and ask her about their doubts. Finally they end up in sex and

they had threesome in most of the days. She got scared because they

never bothered to wear condoms etc.

She took pills to protect herself and did not tell them. She

threatened them that she will move away to a hostel and she could keep

them away for some time. She did not tell them where she is going and

just came away for this interview. They used to call her in her

mobile, but she kept it switched off.

Rose said she like the shape of my cock and she opened her mouth wide

and took it in her mouth and started to suck it. My hand were roaming

over her nice round boobs and her nipple was pink coloured. I pulled

her away from my cock and put my mouth on her nipples and licked them

and sucked them. I made her legs wide open and examined her cunt.

It did not seem to have been roughly used. It looked as fresh as a

flower. Her own body odor was sweet. I bent my head and licked her

cunt and licked her clitoris. Rase gave out a hissing sound. She

adjusted to a 69 positon and she continued to suck my cock when I got

busy with her clitoris. We were in no hurry. We did it slowly.

Took interval to come back to the monitor and change the video to

another. watch for a while and then resume our 69. Time was 10.30 pm.

Rose was highly aroused and wanted to get my cock inside her cunt. She

tried to get on top of me and put my cock inside. I said yes. She rode

me in style.

My cock did not go in smoothly, but it took time, but she by jerking

her hip took in in after three or four attempts. She then was moving

up and down with her boobs bouncing proportionately. I was watching

her facial expressions change. She was giving out mild sounds of joy.

She would have had many orgasms from the way her facial expressions


She fucked facing me and then changed side and faced opposite to me. I

controlled my orgasm and finally I had to tell her that I am cumming.

She got up and asked me to do it doggy. I said ok. She positioned

herself and I poked her from her behind. My each stroke made her give

out a mild cry. She enjoyed the fucking immensely.

Finally I pulled out and sprayed my fluids in a towel so that it may

not make the sheet sticky. Rose hugged me and told me that she enjoyed

the fuck very much. She kissed my cock. She went to the bathroom to

freshen and came back and told me that she is going to sleep in my

bed. I too went to the bathroom and washed my cock and came back and

we slept totally naked in my bed.

In the early morning Rose got up and gave my cock a nice lick and suck

and went about to make tea. We both freshed ourselves dressed, had our

breakfast of eggs and toast and tea and went to the office. On the way

Rose was telling me whether she should join me for lunch or she should

go her way. I told her just wait let us see how the arrangements are

going to be.

They were making teams of the people newly recruited and Rose was

included in my team. I as a teamleader. There were two other girls in

my team. Rose got friendly with them. I was given a work plan which I

had to discuss with my team members and given them work allocation. At

noon they had arranged for lunch from some caterers and the food was


Otherwise we may have to go around in search of food would have wasted

lot of time. The girls were Radha and Bina. Both are of the same age

of say 22 and came to work directly from the college. Both girls were

good looking with good features. They were staying in some hotel. My

boss asked me whether I can take these two girls in my team in my


I told him about the space constraint. I said already I have one girl

in my flat. Too many girls mean too many problems. He laughed and

requested me to somehow adjust. He hinted that the expenses may be on

the house. I told Rose totll the girls to come and meet me. They came

and I asked them what arrangements they have made to stay.

They said they stayed in a hotel on the previous day. But they did not

like. I told them to move into my flat. Tey said ok and rushed out to

bring their luggage. I told Rose to move into my room and leave the

otehr room to these two girls. Rose opened her eyes wide. Bina and

Radha were nice girls. They had no inhibition and were very


They divided duties among themselves about cleaning the flat, cooking

the food, etc. Rose said one of them may have to move into the room of

the team leader. Radha, it seems said,,that they will take turns to

come to my room. Rose came to me and asked my opinion. I told her I

wanted you to move in, but if it would create problem, you decide.

We all took bath and breakfast and left for office. Girls were holding

discussions among themselves. But they were very smart and grasped the

work necessities and did it well. They were all happy with me and Rose

because of her closeness to me dominated the other team members.

All the three girls jointly managed cooking, cleaning and all work

relating to the household. In the night Rose will bid goodbye and come

away to my room. Other girls did not question her. Rose of course

slept with me in my bed. We made it a practice to watch porn and then

fuck. We never bothered about what other girls thought about us.

One day during conversation, it seems Radha jocularly said why not we

all take turns to sleep in the room of TL(team leader)They all laughed

and Bina also it seems agreed with her. It is clear that they were all

jealous of Rose. Rose asked me about my decision. What can I say. In

the present circumstances what can I say. They all stayed with the

knowledge of the boss.

The company does not want to spend for quarters for each one of the

employees. If in one flat maximum number of people can be

accommodated, they are happy. When the go for foreign assignments the

same is the case. They may take one apartment for rent and ask all the

employees to occupy the apartment depending upon the rooms and number

of beds.

There is no male and female catogorisation. Rose came to an

understanding with the girls that they may take turn depending upon

the advice of the TL
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