The Lane Sisters , are 2 Canadian real sisters,that are climbing up int he world of entertainement business.
Roxy Lane,one year older then her sis was born in 22 September 1992,in Montreal,Quebec,Canada..
Her younger sibling is Shana
Both are sexy,beautifull,liberal,intelligent and funny.
Plus they do interact with their fans,and bring on their site a new graphic approach to the world of Porn with a lotta inovation and avantgarde ideas.
WARNING...The LANE SISTERS,are high class,top act,but love to get down and dirty when it comes to sex,specially Shana,so get your heart ready for a trip with Double Pleasure brough to us byt this delicious sexy ladies.
Luckily,being the Godfather of a mob of fans and supporters i got to interact and get an interview with these stunning here it is,also with exclusive pics,provided by them and check at the end of the post the link to their Site,Twitter and also dont forget to vote for them in MISS FREEONES Contest at,including in best newcommers category...





 So tell me , when did the idea of becoming porn stars came up? was it something u ve allways wanted to do for long? at what age and how did u girls decide,hell yeah we want to be porn stars.and how did ur familly react ?

 I (Shana) started dancing in strip clubs at 17. I used my sister ID because she was 18. I kept getting approach to do adult videos but I was 17 so I always say n. On my 18th birthday I go with my mom (she want make sure that it was not dangerous) to the Montreal Studio Multimedia to do a casting. I tell them I also have a sister who might be interested so the next day I go with Roxy and we shoot our first scene.

 In adult entertainement sometimes its easy to go knockin on the wrong doors and go into meltdown..did u girls got advices or contacts before entering this world?

 Not really. Our studio is really good so were lucky. We also get to work with Amy Lee who has been in the industry long time so she give us lots of advice.

- how was it to do ur fist hardcore sex Scene? Was it scary,did u got nervous? and how does it feel now? (please answer this seperatadly one at a time,indentifying urselves)

Shana: I love sex and I’m exhibitionist so for me it was the perfect combination to do my first boy girl scene.

Roxy: I was more nervous than Shana. I had never dance in the strip club or anything. I was really nervous but once I got started it was really exciting to know that people would be watching me and I get them excited.

- What are ur favourite sex acts ( gang bangs,cum swap,anal,lesbian,oral...whatever,name ur favourites.)? and the ones u would never do in ur career?

Shana: I love the deepthroat. I just do my first gangbang not long ago and I like it a lot. But I really like giving blowjobs. It make me so horny.

Roxy: I like gir/girl a lot. I like to take control and dominate the other girl it makes me very excite to do that.

- if you girls could choose a woman to have a threesome with ,who would it be? (name a female porn star and a celebritty not in porn female ud love to have sex with)

Tera Patrick or Charmane Starr. We met the both when they were in Montreal they are both so sexy.

- What did u girls worked on before entering porn?

Shana: I was a stripper at many clubs.

Roxy: I was just finishing school.

 - What do u have in common and somethings that is very different from one to another in terms of behaviour? ( who s more shy,or wild,or daring,differences and things inc ommon in terms of character)

We are very similar but I am much more wild. Roxy is shy. I do much more hardcore scenes like DP and gangbang.

- Do u feel confortable in watching and being so close and involved with ur bllod sister having sex and sharing the same man or woman,or do u prefer to shoot scens seperate from eachother?

We are very close so we don’t find it weird doing scenes together. We like share everything. It turns us on to see the other one in action.

 - you girls must realizes that the fact that ur sisters brings a teasing of forbidden incest innuendo without really cameras,or in cameras if it was allowed would u 2 be willing to have sexual interaction with eachother?(here u get 3 possible answers

a- Absolutelly,we did it off cameras,or we d love to do it if it was legal

b - maybe somethings not so touching like cumsapping from one to another,or tonguekissing eachother.

c- Never did,and never would.

No comment .... ; )

 - hahahhaha...fair enough.....
Now,some people say hardcore porn is women exploitation,including some softcore stars point the fingers,and societty conservative as it is and hypocrite does pretty much the same.Does it bother u? how do u feel about it and what would u say to those people?

Some places can be exploitation. It is important to make sure you are in the right place. For us it was our choice we are partners in our site so we are in charge

What can the fans expect new from you girl in terma of sex acts in camera? Is interracial on ur plans?

-haha,many fans ask that,but its really hard to find someone to do it in montreal,but as soon as we manage to go to L.A.,yes we d love to shoot interracial scenes.

ME: end this breif q&a... leave a messsage to ur fans,or attract new fans...what can they expect from u,and why should they vote for u in miss fo ...use this last quiz to write what u wish,say what u wish and publicese what and how u wish....

We just want to thank all our fans. We really love what we do and love that you love what we do haha. We really enjoy hearing from our fans and getting ideas for new stuff to do.

Thank you very much to the LANE SISTERS for this exclusive interview,and remember this blog supports and will conitnue to support the gorgoeus sexy Sisters named Lane...

Enough talking here are the pics granted by both of this hot women:





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